Captains of the
Golden Age

The board game with 0% luck

Dear all,

Thanks to a great review in NRC Handelsbad (5/5, YES!) the game completely sold out within a week. Truth be told’ we’re just two regular guys with a hobby that got out of hand fast. We never saw this coming.

But no worries! A new batch will roll out of the printers in March and is now available for pre-order. This is a good opportunity to make sure you get your game the minute it lands. To thank you for your patience we're throwing in a free expansion pack called Captain & Characters (worth € 5) to all who pre-order.

We’re sure it will be worth your wait. In the meantime we’ll keep you posted on any updates. Thanks for hanging in there!

Niek & Dick

Captains of the Golden Age

€ 39,95

  • Pre-order now and get the expansion pack 'Captains & Characters’ worth € 5 for free
  • Ships in March 2018

Pre-order now

Unique features of the game:

0% Randomness

Captains of the Golden Age replaces randomness and luck with tactics and and skill; your abilities and opportunities are determined by your own choice instead of dice throws.

Replayability and Player interaction
Replayability and Player interaction

High player interaction because of boarding, shooting, defending and hiring the notorious pirate. High replayability because of numerous ship upgrading options!


Captains of the Golden Age is set in the age of trading and piracy, a time when pepper is worth more than gold. Whoever rules the pepper trade, rules the Mighty Trading Company.

Succesfully funded on Kickstarter

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