It all started 8 years ago

Nearly eight years ago, while still in University, we decided to develop a board game set in the Golden Age of trading and piracy. We mainly wanted to develop a game with 0% chance, a lot of player interaction and high replayability. It all started out as a fun hobby project, but as more and more people started to like the game so much we decided to take it more serious and this is where we are today.

Over the course of eight years we play tested it a lot with hundreds of testers: friends, family, total strangers, boys, girls, young people, old people. We made Captains of the Golden Age a fun experience and easy understandable for everyone. Up to now we always played with hand-made versions of the game, revising it through the years. Now the game is finished and polished and ready for everyone to play.

Because we are just two guys paying for everything ourselves, we were very happy when our first production run got fully funded by our kickstarter campaign. But our hard work really paid off when we got a raving 5 out of 5 star review in the Dutch newspaper NRC (english version)!

We hope you like the game! If you do please let us know on our Facebook page or rate us on Boardgamegeek!

Who are we

Niek Jansma

Besides my work as freelance Startup- and Agile Coach, I test my new board game creations on unsuspecting friends, family and fools. Eight years ago this all started with my first game Captains of the Golden Age. If you like Captains, keep following us at Golden Age Games because there are three new titles in various stages of development!

Dick Severs

As one of the ‘unsuspecting friends’ Niek just mentioned, I have playtested many prototypes of Captains of the Golden Age. I liked it so much, that a couple of years later we founded Golden Age Games together and funded Captains of the Golden Age with our first kickstarter campaign. Now we plan to design and publish many more games in the near future...